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As children of God we are called to a life-long process of FORMATION to develop into our fullest potential, the best versions of ourselves. May we be grateful for all of the people God sends us during this journey of FORMATION. And may we remember that our FORMATION is never complete until we are home with the Lord for all eternity. As we begin Catholic Schools Week this Sunday, I am grateful in a special way for our Principal Ms. Azar, and all the Faculty and staff who engage in the work of FORMATION of our young disciples of St. Finbar School.

HEALTH is a gift from God. People say that HEALTH is wealth. Having recovered from Covid, I am truly grateful for the gift of HEALTH. May this new year allow us to grow in HEALTH in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers for me during my time of recovery and healing from Covid. I am incredibly grateful for each and everyone of you!

Nourished By The Word is designed to assist adults in applying the revealed Word of God in their daily lives and to appreciate God’s wisdom, love and mercy in every moment of every day. Nourished By The Word also provides Christian fellowship through the sharing of Scripture as we journey together as Catholic Christians through the Church’s liturgical year. 

For more information on Nourished By The Word, please join the Seeker Sessions group on the Saint Finbar Church Flocknote platform. The Zoom meeting information for Nourished By The Word and updates on all of our adult formation initiatives will be distributed to the members of the Seeker Sessions Flocknote group.

We look forward to having you join us!

The Saint Finbar Church Pastoral Team