To the members of the Saint Finbar Church community:

We are excited to announce St. Finbar Church Community’s First Youth Hip-Hop class with Zula Dance Foundation! We welcome all youth from our community to come join this class and have a fun time dancing!

Zulu Dance is a program taught by Crystal Castillo and Spidey who are devoted to enriching the lives of children through dance. Hip-hop, break-dance, and the history of hip-hop. Fun choreography, special dance games, and uplifting music are used to cultivate every child’s confidence. Zulu Dance strives to show every child the true meaning of hip-hop, which is peace, love, unity, and having fun!

Each child that registers for the Zulu Dance will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of hip-hop dance
  • Be taught the basics of break-dance
  • Study the history of hip-hop
  • Receive a special prize!

Classes begin Monday, March 5th at 3:30pm in the Holy Spirit Center


Crystal Castillo

(805) 748-9435 or

Rosselle Azar

(818) 940-3927 or

Registration forms are available in the school office and the parish office!

Please contact me for more information.


Rosselle Azar
Community Development Director
Saint Finbar Church
(818) 940 – 3927