A Message from Father Francis:

On this feast day of St. Augustine, we recall his wise saying that, “Our hearts are restless, until they rest in the Lord.” Amidst the storms and hardships that we continue to navigate, may we find our CALM in Jesus the Prince of Peace. And in that CALM, may we choose to be CALM-spreaders instead of FEAR-mongers.

Saint Finbar Church Flocknote Group

If you haven’t already done so, please consider joining our Saint Finbar Church Flocknote group so we can provide you with important parish news and keep you “in the know” as we journey together through the COVID-19 health emergency. You can join by going to https://saintfinbarchurch.flocknote.com/ or by texting the word FINBAR to 84576.

Sunday Mass Information

Thank you to those of you who came to our Mass last weekend. If you have yet to join us for our Sunday Mass please click here to view our revised Sunday Mass schedule and guidelines.The Sunday Mass dispensation remains in place. We will continue to record Sunday Mass in our church for posting on our Vimeo channel and parish website on Sunday mornings. 


The Saint Finbar Church Pastoral Team