To the members of the Saint Finbar Church community:

Sunday, November November 29th, marks the beginning of our new liturgical year as we begin the Season of Advent. For the new year, I’m pleased to announce new Mass times!

We head into the Season of Advent with renewed hope for restoration. We have news of effective vaccines to combat the plague of COVID-19 and we continue to look to God for our sustenance and as our salvation. We are a people of faith and a people of purpose. Let our hearts be filled with joy as we prepare for the new liturgical year!

We’ve endured a lot over the past nine months from the closure of our church through the partial reopening to Eucharistic celebrations only outdoors. We’ve endured extreme summer heat, the hazards of smoke from wildfires and now so many members of our community have faithfully gathered early on Sunday mornings with diminished morning light and much colder temperatures. I am grateful for your steadfast support and your constant prayers! As we often say: At Saint Finbar Church, we journey together and not alone!

I have much more to share with you as we move closer to the beginning of the Season of Advent! For now, please find below our new Mass schedule commencing the weekend of Sunday, November 29th!


Father Francis

Mass Schedule Beginning Saturday, November 28th

Saturday Evenings
5pm English-language Mass
7pm Vietnamese-language Mass

8am English-language Mass
9am Spanish-language Mass
11am English-language Mass

Photo by George Becker from Pexels