To the members of the Saint Finbar Church community:

I am pleased to announce, effective the weekend of Sunday, June 20th, there will be very few restrictions on Mass attendance and the pandemic-period dispensation issued by Archbishop Gomez is lifted. In other words, Roman Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are again obligated to attend Sunday Mass beginning next weekend and may do so without the need for social distancing. We can now fill Saint Finbar Church to capacity. Please see the official announcement by Archbishop Gomez dated Saturday, June 12th.

I would like to thank all members of our Saint Finbar Church community for your steadfast support over the past eighteen months as we journeyed together through one of the most challenging periods in our nation’s history. Your prayers, your faith and your perseverance in faith are helping to bring the pandemic period to an end. 

On Monday I will be hosting a special meeting with members of our liturgical ministries as we plan for the full reopening of Saint Finbar Church next weekend. I am deeply grateful for the amazing (and hard!) work performed by so many of our ministry members during the very long pandemic period. I am also deeply grateful for the faithful of our community who braved the elements to attend Mass outdoors, who have joined us for Mass indoors despite the uncomfortable restrictions and everyone who joined us for Mass from home via our Vimeo platform

We know in faith God will continue to bless us as we embrace the opportunities the full reopening of our economy and our society will provide to each of us. For all of us, the ability to worship freely and with few restrictions brings to an end a very sad and unfortunate time. 

Let us turn to God with words of praise and thank Him for His grace and mercy. By the grace of God and through His providence we begin anew as a community of faith, a community of Christian disciples and a people committed to fulfilling our mission of making known the Good News of Salvation through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

More news on the full reopening of Saint Finbar Church will be distributed this week. The news will delineate the few remaining restrictions that will temporarily remain in place. For now, please know every member of our community remains in my prayers and I am eternally grateful for your prayers and support of our community over the past eighteen months.


Father Francis


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