Whenever we are far away from God, or feel disconnected from Him, He always INITIATES our return to Him. He desires for us to renew our relationship with Him constantly. This weekend, we will INITIATE the holiest week of our liturgical year with the celebration of Palm Sunday. We will journey with Christ and enter in to his Passion, Death, and Resurrection. Let us prepare our hearts as we prepare to INITIATE Holy Week!

Here is a link to our Holy Week Schedule: https://stfinbarburbank.org/2022/03/04/2022-lent-schedule/

Please invite friends and family to join us. Lastly, please keep in your prayers our brothers and sisters who will be INITIATED into the church on Easter Vigil Night:

Charles Camacho
Martin De La Cruz
Danica Delgado
Porsha Jamshidinia
Brayden Krase
Steven Krase
Joseph Westmoreland

May God bless them as they prepare for the sacraments of INITIATION!