We are excited to announce the adoption of Flocknote as an enhanced communication solution for Saint Finbar Church. As an important member of our community we invite you to join our Saint Finbar Church Flocknote Group by using the link, the QR code or by texting FINBAR to 84576. By completing the Flocknote group registration process we will be able to provide you with important parish news updates as quickly as possible and keep you “in the know” as we journey together through the COVID-19 health emergency.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and we desire to keep you updated on the latest parish news and important announcements from Father Francis. Joining the Saint Finbar Church Flocknote group will allow us to communicate with you even more quickly.

Please bookmark our Vimeo channel and our parish website. Each week we post Father’s Friday Finbar Update to our website and Vimeo channel.