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There are times when we feel ALONE on this journey of faith. But the truth is God never intended for us to make this journey to heaven ALONE. We are called to support one another as community. We also, however, receive heavenly support through the Angels God sends us to help, guide, and protect us. Even when we are physically ALONE, we are actually never spiritually ALONE. Today as we celebrate the feast of the Archangels (Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel) may we remember that we as a community are never truly ALONE on the journey!

On this SPECIAL weekend, we as a church community of St. Finbar are going to celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the founding of our Parish. There have been so many SPECIAL people throughout our Parish history who have come and gone to build this faith-filled community.  There are also many SPECIAL moments we have gone through together as a family of God.  With profound gratitude to the Lord, we give thanks for allowing us to be part of this very SPECIAL community.  We give thanks to God for all of the SPECIAL blessings God has poured out upon this community throughout these 85 years.

The manner in which God pours out His love upon us is LAVISH.  His mercy is LAVISH.  His grace is LAVISH.  And the manner in which we have received God’s gift is the manner we are called to share it with one another.  We must be LAVISH in the way we share God’s gifts of love and mercy with one another.  Through it, we will heal and renew the world.